Why Gohan Will Get a Unique God Transformation In Dragon Ball Super!

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Gohan was once an extremely important character to the Dragon Ball series, however, in Super he hasn’t done much. He is rather considered to be disappointing by the fans, so much so, that many are sick of watching him lose. Gohan has more potential than Goku, and Vegeta, so it is obvious that if he did train he would’ve been stronger than those two. But, he barely ever gets time.

This has been one of the main reasons why Gohan has been so disappointing in Super. But, Gohan won’t always stay like that.

For the tournament of Power, we saw he trained with Piccolo, and thanks to that he got his old powers and fighting sense back. But , even then, Gohan is not the most interesting of the fighters in the series. Goku and Vegeta are on a completely different level.

Even Kale has her Berserker form where she could stand up to SSB Blue, so who knows how powerful she’ll be once she trains. I think the easiest conclusion to make here is Gohan needs something to power up.

From where is, there is only one power up, and that’s a God transformation. The is Blue and Red and other Saiyan God Transformations as well. So, will Gohan be getting them? I highly doubt so. Rather, I believe Gohan will have a completely unique transformation.

Gohan will need to have a different power. Back in DBZ, he got his Mystic form, this time, I believe it is going to be something similar. Goku and Vegeta were helped by a God of Destruction and his Angel.

Gohan would probably he helped by the God of Creations, or Kaioshins. If he does find some unique way to utilize God Ki, I believe Gohan will once gain reach the potential that he always had. He cannot let that go to waste.

Gohan has realized that he cannot depend on others to protect him, and his family because that’s just selfish. If he truly cares about them, he has to balance work and fighting to the point where he can actually be able to stand up to someone. I do agree that Gohan is strong right now, but he needs to become stronger. Just a mystic form won’t do in Super. If somehow he learns a new form, I believe we could very well see the old badass Gohan once again.

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