Goku Breaks Limit With His New Form vs Jiren! – Dragon Ball Super 1 Hour Special Episode

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Previously we only had the picture of the transformation, now recently we got this animated version from a promotional video of 8th October’s Dragon Ball Super 1 hour special. We will talk about this new form later in this video, after covering some important information. The promo has some One Piece clips too, as it’s just a collaboration, but looks like it’s not a crossover like many of us thought it would be initially.

Instead it will just continue The Tournament of Power for DBS, and this is going to be the episode where things will start getting real.

They said, “Starting October story reaches a turning point when Goku confronts the biggest threat in the tournament – Jiren.” However, sadly there will be no episode on 1st October, so basically the special on 8th is like 2 already scheduled screen time combined with a bit more. But, since they are getting the time and emphasizing the episode, you can expect top notch animation quality and so on.

So, looks like in this one hour special we will see an epic clash between Goku and Jiren, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we are close to the end of the tournament. It just could it be a first round fight between them which probably will get interrupted and they will fight again later. Related image

Many fans believe Jiren vs Goku might not be the main event, and that TOEI just used it as a red herring. In that case, there might be someone with a bigger threat or maybe Goku will fail and someone like Gohan will take his place, and then that will be the main event.

Many fans also suggested that the tournament itself might get interrupted and the survivors might have to unite to fight a common threat.  I want to know all of yours opinion about that down below!

Now, coming to the transformation, the one showed in the promo looked like made with some video game graphics, but gave us much more details than the picture, giving us a good idea about how it might look and work.

It actually looks pretty cool, the normal black hair with a slight silver tint looks classy. This form is muscular; I think a bit more than SSB, which is a good thing because that skinny look of Red God form doesn’t suit Goku at all. No automatic alt text available.

The aura looks like steam coming out of the body, and it looks as if he contained most of his energy in the body and only a bit is being wasted. Unlike usual transformation were the aura keeps burning most of the time. Maybe that’s why his hair isn’t affected, because he has learnt to utilize all forms of energy and keep it in his body. Of course these are just assumption about what the transformation could be about in principles. Once again, I would like to point out that, in the intro we see Goku going SSB then there’s a red surge of energy, and he comes out of it in his base form. That could potentially be a hint about what his new transformation is about.

I have not been following the Manga recently, but I checked out the entire thing going on with the Mastered Super Saiyan Blue form, something not explicitly pointed in the anime. So, I wonder if this transformation has something to do with it, maybe an advanced form of whatever Mastered SSB is supposed to be.

I have a question for you, What powers do you want Goku to get out of this new form?

Yes, obviously it will make him stronger, but don’t you think if some new attacks or abilities came along with it, it would be more meaningful?

One noticeable and different thing about this transformation is Goku’s eye color changing to something silverish. I have just one doubt in my mind, is this exactly how the new transformation will look like?

I mean couldn’t it be him in a state when he hasn’t transformed fully? Could he get a more White or Silver like hair? I am not saying that will happen, just a thought that can be kept in mind.  Anyways, this was the first promo video, and we didn’t actually get any new scenes or shots from that special episode. They probably didn’t even start animating yet, so instead they used some Goku v Jiren scene from the opening, and you can expect those scenes to be in the episode too!

Well, that’s about all for now!

What do you think about this form?

Comment your opinion down below!

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