Real Source Of Jiren The Grey’s Full Power In Dragon Ball Super

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Jiren is a fighter from Universe 11. He’s a member of the Pride Troopers, and he is easily the strongest member of his team from what we know. Right now, Jiren looks to be the strongest character fighting in the Tournament of Power. When Goku fought against Toppo, we saw that he was not able to defeat him despite using Super Saiyan Blue, and almost resorted to using Kaio Ken. Even Toppo wasn’t using his full strength.

Further, Toppo was a candidate for the GoD, and he openly exclaimed that Jiren was far stronger than him, and that Goku wasn’t even close to his level.

Now, this gets me thinking, how exactly is Jiren this powerful? What is he? Well, if we look at his epithet, he is called Jiren “The Gray”. I don’t think many have focused on this, but this, for me is a huge clue to what his powers could be.

Jiren looks to be an alien, similar to Jaco’s kind. So, it is possible that Jiren is able to use some technique that is actually unique to him. The race that he belongs to are called “The Greys”.

It is possible that the Greys have an ability that they can tap into, and that’s where they get their power from. “Gray” could just be a name, but what if it is a source of power as well?

It could be possible that Jiren actually derives his ki from there, or powers up using the “Gray”, and that’s why he’s called Jiren the Gray.

Now if this is true, that would open up a world of possibilities in the future. It could yet become another form that Goku will learn from, and master.

Remember the Yardrats? Goku learned the instant transmission from them. He always picks up little stuff from each fight, and uses it in his own. So, what if Goku learns how to tap into the “Gray” as well?

You all probably have seen the Limit Breaker form by now. Have you noticed that it had a lot of grey and red aura around it? Most importantly, Goku has silver/grey eyes in this form. This could easily mean that in form, Goku is actually tapping into a completely different form of energy.

That may indeed be what the Limit Breaker form actually is. There are so many theories on the internet regarding Goku’s new form, but I believe this one would make sense, because Goku’s new form looks so much different from his previous ones. It isn’t just a color transformation. More importantly, this would also be Jiren’s source of energy if the theory stands correct. That would set up an epic Goku vs Jiren fight.

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